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Press Releases

Suzanne’s press releases are distributed worldwide on the Associated Press newswire through its 30,000 distribution networks including, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and  hundreds of other key media outlets. She is one of the very few independent media professionals whose work is picked up on every continent and featured in its primary news sources. Each press release and accompanying pitch tells a unique narrative story that is highly compelling while ensuring that the client's brand is intricately woven into the content. A great tool for spreading the word about your work or business on a global level.

Events &

Concert Promotion

Suzanne has been a live event and concert promoter since the outset of her PR career with stellar results. With the breadth of her media influence alone, she has sold out major concert halls for her clients, as well as hosted key fundraisers for the arts, in particular, resulting in thousands of dollars raised for non-profits and community organizations. Her publicity talents and marketing acumen are some of the strongest you will find anywhere. 

Brand Journalism &

Content Creation

Suzanne builds each client’s brand from the DNA level up. The key is to subtlety incorporate the brand in all internal and external content so that the messaging becomes subliminal.  As a journalist for 18 years, Suzanne approaches each story as if it were a major “get.” Having been published in the world’s most esteemed media, she gets and keeps the facts straight while highlighting what is truly compelling to a global audience.

Corporate Communications

Our corporate communications handles all external communications aimed at creating favorable points of view among stakeholders and partners on which the company depends. We believe in building the brand in partnership with the personal development of all key principals based on THE WHY of the company's mission.

Crisis Communications

We protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation through global media. Repositioning is one of Suzanne’s specialties. She has had a nearly 100% success rate in eradicating and reversing reputation and professional damage.

Media Relations

Suzanne's media relations strategy involves working with traditional and non-traditional media for the purpose of informing the public of an organization's mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner.   Since Suzanne herself is a respected member of the media, she has become an expert in communicating core messaging, branding and evergreen stories in print, radio, podcasting, television, and all social media.

Reputation Management

Most companies wait until something goes wrong before positioning a strong and consistent positive corporate or personal image. We employ strong messaging consistently 24/7 from day one.  We keep our clients front and center in a highly constructive light with the company’s shareholders and its publics on a daily basis.  When something does go awry, we have already done extensive reputation building to hold the fort while crisis containtment measures are put into place. Our mission to course correct a possible disaster is a much easier fix when a high standard of ethics has been a priority since the outset.

Social Media

Suzanne has a Twitter following of 155K and is skilled with social media interfaces.  Her strategic use of social media has helped sell-out major concerts and introduce her clients to a broad audience of diverse ages and backgrounds.

Speechwriting &

Public Affairs

Suzanne is an award-winning writer and has been published extensively in the world's most valued newspapers and magazines. She spends a great deal of time interviewing her subjects to get the best possible authentic speech and subsequent delivery.  Suzanne can write on virtually any subject and has the ability to hold people’s attention with gripping narratives.