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We promote human connection at a very deep level, and believe that as PR becomes ever more vital in the digital space, that the integrity of relationships and client experience will depend on the advanced personal development of its thought leaders and principals.



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In my 43 years as a media and communications executive, I have rarely—if ever—encountered someone with as impressive a portfolio of PR skills, ingenuity, and sound instincts as those exhibited by Suzanne Marcus Fletcher. The true measure of Suzanne’s many professional accomplishments, however, and ultimately the key to the superior value she delivers, is her nonpareil devotion to her clients, as well as a tenacity that consistently results in success stories.
— Larry Eldridge, Former Fox Sports and NBC Sports Vice President and General Manager
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Suzanne Marcus Fletcher has been an entrepreneur and a published author since childhood, when she began writing at age 10 and sold her first short story to a local paper. Suzanne soon learned she had what later clients would call “buzz magic;” others say she’s an authentic rainmaker.  In most circles, she is known simply, as a “PR Guru.”  While it sounds like it’s all about Suzanne, nothing could be further from the truth. Her philosophy is all about serving the client. Period.  She determines what her client’s true goals are, both personally and professionally, and parlays them into a personal development strategy that results in powerful and sustainable growth. 

Suzanne is first and foremost a storyteller, and her stories garner A-List attention in the world’s most prestigious media.  Her press releases are distributed on the Associated Press distribution network which includes The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, top-tier worldwide digital papers, and hundreds of ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates nationally. Suzanne is one of the few independent media professionals whose work gets picked up on every continent consistently.

Since the outset of her PR career, Suzanne garnered extensive experience in concert promotion.  Her first clients were classical music artists such as Elizabeth Pitcairn (owner of the true Red Violin, yes from the movie) and the stunning virtuoso, Andrew Sords, Violin, whom she still works with today.  Her very first concert was sold out at USC's Bovard Auditorium, which was the first sellout since Isaac Stern appeared there a decade earlier.  She has since booked her clients in some of the nations' top concert halls to capacity crowds. 

Suzanne is a prolific writer and editor, having spent 18 years as a journalist in print and radio. Her radio show, “The Body Politic,” was featured for two years on KABC Los Angeles home of Dr. Drew Pinsky. She now lives in Portland, Oregon and is continuing her writing and public relations journey in her favorite city.


It's a long old road, but I know I'm gonna find the end.

- Bessie Smith